Chaplin Nature Center    Arkansas City, Kansas
In 2006 the Kauffman Museum exhibit team began working with the Chaplin Nature Center and members of the Wichita Audobon Society to develop a new permanent exhibit. Phase I of the project, which included installing the basic structure of the new exhibit, was completed in September 2007.
At the core of Kauffman Museum’s design philosophy is close interaction with those who will use and maintain the exhibit. Working directly with the on-site naturalist and members of the Wichita Audobon Society, Kauffman Museum developed a modular exhibit system to accomodate specific requests.
A scale model was produced to aid in the development of exhibit layout and structure. The model is used extensively in brainstorming meetings, giving the designers a place to test ideas before going into production.
The two photographs on the right show the process of conceptualization (top photo of scale model) to implementation (bottom photo of initial exhibit case installation)