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Forgotten Florals:
Decorative Discoveries from the Kauffman Museum Collections

At the Stauth Memorial Museum March 3 - April1, 2002

Flowers are a perennial favorite in decoration. The special exhibition Forgotten Florals presents artifacts which feature floral motifs, from quilts to furniture to artworks, all made between 1815 and 1945. The exhibition is a collaborative effort by friends of Kauffman Museum to show the range and beauty of pieces in our collections that are not on permanent display. We welcome clarification about the source of items listed as given by “undesignated” donors.

Chimney Cabint
Of special note in the exhibition are five pieces from the Kauffman Museum collection of Mennonite furniture, four of which are embellished with painted floral motifs. The preservation of the furniture collection was recently selected as an official project of “Save America’s Treasures” which supports projects such as the preservation of the Star Spangled Banner.
Research on the history of Mennonite furniture building and the Vistula Delta style has been published in the book Mennonite Furniture: A Migrant Tradition, 1766-1910 by Reinhild Kauenhoven Janzen and John M. Janzen (Good Books, 1991).

Exhibition Team:
Sonya Buller, Virginia Claassen, Marla Day, Dale Horst, Walter Jost, David Kreider, Rachel Pannabecker, Chuck Regier, Vel Teichroew, Irma Voran, Violet Wildeboor
316•283•1612   kauffman@bethelks.edu
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