display system
Reeds & Wool exhibit panels
Exhibit view
The modular display system consists of end panels connected with cross members that support the screens
  • end panels measure 23”wide x 92”high x 1.75”thick

  • the cross members are made of two 5' sections bolted together to supports the approximately 9' wide x 6' high screens (ashkana chiy).

  • this system can be used in open space with screens on both sides, or placed along a wall with only one screen facing out. The panels can also be used independently against the wall.

  • three of the screens (the longer lower kanat chiy) are displayed on large semi-circular supports that suggest the outside curve of a yurt.

  • included with the exhibit is a hands on model of a weaving frame like those used by the Kyrgyz to make reed screens
Curved display support
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