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The highlighted titles are linked to the MennoLink website bookstore. The other titles are out of print or unavailable, but can be found in libraries.

  • The Mirror of the Martyrs by John S. Oyer and Robert S. Kreider, a 96-page catalog/storybook with 27 stories and prints from the Martyrs Mirror, interestingly retold. Good Books
  • Singing at the Fire: Voices of Anabaptist Martyrs is a CD recording of choral and organ music related to the witness of l6th century Anabaptist martyrs. Faith & Life Press
  • Prints of Jan Luyken Etchings struck by Stan Kaufman from the original copper plates, are available for purchase. Contact Kauffman Museum: 316/283-1612,
  • Martyrs Mirror by Thielman J. van Braght, tells the story of 17 centuries of Christian martyrdom from the time of Christ to A.D.1660. This is a large volume of over 1,100 pages with stories of over 800 martyrs and 104 etchings by Mennonite poet and printmaker, Jan Luyken. Herald Press

Additional Books

  • Augsburger, Myron S. Faithful Unto Death: Fifteen Young People Who were not Afraid to Die for their Faith. Waco, TX.: Word Books, 1978. Stories retold from the Martyrs Mirror.
  • Augsburger, Myron S., I'll See You Again. Scottdale, Pa.: Herald Press, 1989. The biography of Felix Manz, the first Anabaptist martyr.
  • Bauman, Elizabeth Hershberger, Coals of Fire. Scottdale, Pa.: Herald Press, 1964. Stories of heroes of the faith, some being Anabaptist martyrs.
  • Bergma, Susan (ed.), Martyrs. San Francisco: Harper,1996. From the 20th century, eighteen stories of persons who martyred for their faith.
  • Gleysteen, Jan, The Drama of the Martyrs. Lancaster, Pa.: Mennonite Historical Associates, 1975. Reproduction of engravings by Jan Luyken from the 1685 edition of the Martyrs Mirror, with an introduction by Jan Gleysteen.
  • Jackson, Dave and Neta (eds.), On Fire for Christ. Scottdale, Pa.: Herald Press, 1989. Fifteen martyr stories retold from the Martyrs Mirror.
  • Lowry, James W., In a Whales Belly and Other Martyr Stories. Harrisonburg, Va.: Christian Light Publications,1981. A dozen stories retold from the Martyrs Mirror.
  • Moore, John Allen, Anabaptist Portraits. Scottdale, Pa.: Herald Press, 1984. The stories of six Anabaptist leaders, some of whom were martyred for their faith.
  • Snyder, Arnold C., The Life and Death of Michael Sattler. Scottdale, Pa.: Herald Press, 1984. The biography of an Anabaptist martyr of the 16th century.
  • Zahn, Gordon. In Solitary WitnessThe Life and Death of Franz Jaegerstaetter. Springfield, Ill., Templegate Publishers, 1964. The biography of a Roman Catholic conscientious objector in Austria during World War II who died a martyr.


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