. . . the eyes of a stranger
Indian images and experiences by Cookie Wiebe

On display November 13, 2011 through January 22, 2012

From the Artists statement to the exhibit:

Even though I was an art major in college, I wasn’t confident enough to call myself an artist. Fooled by a mindset that assumed having "talent" meant it shouldn't be work, I went through life avoiding anything that took time and effort to produce, sticking with what came easily – drawing portraits in profile and, with the advent of digital cameras, photography. It took the last couple of years of intense photographic "work" and Carol S. Dweck's book, Mindset, to convince me that one became an artist by developing expertise over time.

The advent of our first digital camera opened the floodgates for me. Soon, I was taking over 2000 photos per month, persisting until I had captured the image or expression I wanted. I prefer not to use flash (even in low light) capturing movement or expression by following the rythmn and anticipating the pause in action. I try to frame the entire image to minimize post-processing. When chasing a photo, I lose social/cultural sensibilities and move in close. I take photos when others would not; I peek during prayers and click during communion.

In 2009, we returned to work at Woodstock School in Mussoorie, Uttarakhand, India. We lived in the foothills of the Himalayas, surrounded by natural beauty and cultural riches. My camera is small, light – and always at hand, leading to more photos than I can sort, catalog or even begin to share. This exhibit is an attempt to celebrate the beauty of India's people, as seen through the eyes of a stranger – a stranger, who, after 35 years, is ready to claim the identity of “artist”.

Kauffman Museum developed this exhibit of Cookie's photography in collaboration with Kauffman Museum, Flint Hills Design and Bob Regier. Financial support was provided by Marilyn and David Grisham (The Fiber Studio), Birdie and Tim Vander Molen, Paul and Wilma Friesen and Bob and Vernette Regier

Cookie (Mary Ruth) Wiebe died October 31, 2011 at age 57 from ovarian cancer.

Visit Cookie and David Wiebe's blog: charitableliving.net

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