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Thanks to a generous grant from the Fransen Family Foundation, Kauffman Museum is now offering multimedia content via museum owned iPods and web downloads.

The purpose of this new content is to add another level of interpretation to the museum exhibits. This audio element includes stories about exhibit artifacts, as well as deeper explanations of themes that bridge multiple areas of the exhibits. Expanded and updated explanations of the context from which artifacts come are included as well.

Listen to selected stories online

To present the content without isolating individual visitors, Kauffman Museum developed a custom housing with integrated speakers so that small groups could listen to the stories together. We call our little invention the StoryTablet.

Learn more or purchase StoryTablets

Do you own an iPod? You can download our entire menu structure to your iPod and bring it along with you to the museum. It won't affect the music you already have on it, and you'll be able to access the content exactly as it is presented at the museum.

Click here to find out how!

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