Designing creative menu systems is a relatively easy process on many iPod models, as Apple has included the capability to read text files with very basic HTML tags. These tags allow for the creation of a menu system by using links--just like the web. The designer creates text files containing links to songs on the iPod, and when the links are chosen the song is played. It's that simple!

We have decided to make our system available to anyone who wants to try it out or learn from it. If you're planning on visiting Kauffman Museum and you own an iPod, give it a shot! It won't mess up anything that you have on your iPod, but it certainly will be an interesting addition and hopefully you'll learn a thing or two along the way.

Installing the system requires two steps:

  1. Putting the content on your iPod (the songs and videos)
  2. Adding the text files to your notes folder

Get the Content

You can download all of the content at once here (it's about 75 MB). Simply add it to your iTunes library and sync your iPod as you normally would when adding new songs. It doesn't matter where you put the songs (you could create a new playlist to contain them, for example), but don't change the song names or the links won't work!

Add the Text Files

For the second step, you need to make sure that disk use is enabled on your iPod. This means that when you plug your iPod into your computer, it shows up as a new drive. Simply download the zipped folder of files, unzip, and copy onto your iPod into the Notes folder.

To use the menu system on your iPod, navigate to Extras > Notes.

Note: This system has been tested on the 5th generation iPod video and 2nd generation Nano--there seem to be a few bugs with the iPod Classic.

Interested in learning more about how to create a custom menu system for your iPod? Take a look at this iPod Notes Feature Guide (PDF) from Apple.

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