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Simple Gifts:
Artworks by Mary Lou and Ernie Goertzen
May 19 - October 13, 2001

An exhibition featuring pen and watercolor, quilts and “quilt images,” and designs on internationally known Block porcelain china by Mary Lou Goertzen, and paintings in acrylic by Ernie Goertzen, an artist couple from Deadwood, Oregon.

About the Artists:
Both Mary Lou and Ernie grew up in Kansas, and their art reflects their appreciation for rural landscapes, the colors of nature, and simple living. Ernie works in acrylics-- "I just really love the Kansas Flint Hills, its meadows, outcroppings of limestone, and wild cedar. It's always been the landscape that has appealed to me."
Mary Lou works in ink and watercolor. Simple Gifts includes her quilts and quilt-image portraits as well as her floral and vegetable designs on internationally-known Block porcelain china-- "I began to paint flowers when we moved from the prairies of Kansas to Berkeley, California., where the flowers bloom 12 months of the year."
The Goertzens have exhibited their work at the Union Concourse Gallery at Oregon State University in Corvallis, the Erb Memorial Union Gallery at the University of Oregon in Eugene, and the Springfield (Ore.) Art Museum.

Geraniums, Ink and water color, Mary Lou Goertzen, 1980
Mary Lou and Ernie portrait
Willows behind our pasture, Acrylic, Ernie Goertzen
A number of items by Mary Lou and Ernie are for sale in the Kauffman Museum store including Mary Lou's floral note cards and postcards, Block China, Ernie's Kansas Winter print and hand assembled note cards.
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