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Considering the Commonplace
Photography by Robert Regier

This exhibit features digital photographs by Kansas artist Bob Regier, Bethel College professor emeritus of art and Kauffman Museum senior design consultant. Regier’s photographs focus primarily on the built environment of the central Great Plains, particularly the common places of small Kansas towns, and reveal his training in modernist aesthetics and printmaking through his use of abstraction and color fields.

Exhibit Concept
Designed to be an immersive environment, Considering the Commonplace travels as a freestanding exhibit incorporating quotes and text in addition to photographs. By providing supplemental interpretive material, Regier creates a context through which visitors are invited to re-examine that which is often ignored--the ordinary spaces of everyday life.

In this installation the artist and exhibit designer experiment with photo production techniques to creatively play with size and format of the digital prints and thereby move beyond the limits of conventional framed photography shows. The exhibit contains over 50 photos, including large scale banner images.

Exhibit Development and Tour
Considering the Commonplace is available to travel. For further information on scheduling Considering the Commonplace contact Chuck Regier, Curator of Exhibits at Kauffman Museum.
Phone: 316•283•1612

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January 4 - April 6, 2019
High Plains Museum, Goodland, KS,

April 13- May 19, 2013
Kauffman Museum

December 21, 2011 - April 9, 2012
High Plains Museum, Goodland, KS

October 28 - December 18, 2011
The Dane G Hansen Memorial Museum, Logan, KS

April 26 - May 28, 2009
July 19 - October 4, 2009
Kauffman Museum,, North Newton, KS

You can learn more about Regier and his artwork at

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Detail of reed screen
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